Free Bingo Guide

Looking for a place to start you online free bingo experience? If you are put off by several websites asking for an initial deposit, don’t turn your back just yet. There are even more online gaming sites that will let you experience online bingo without any money involved.

New players even get a bonus just by signing up. Imagine being able to play bingo for free and to be handed money for you to buy more cards. If only your local bingo hall can do the same.

Why Would Sites Allow You to Play for Free?

What urges online bingo operators to allow people to play for free and give them money to boot? It becomes a way for them to attract new players into their fray.

It is important for players to sign up with real account information, because if they list themselves under a fake account, there will be no way for them to withdraw their winnings once they become more successful.

Free Bingo Guide

Moreover, having them sign up with their personal account will help the bingo operators build a highly focused list of contacts for their new promotions. This makes sense since those who already played will more likely be the first to respond to new promotions.

Best Way to Try the Game

All of this will sound too good to be true for a new player, but this is the easiest way for you to try online bingo without money involved.

Most online bingo sites will allow the full features of their software even for free bingo accounts that have no deposit. This way, you can take a look at the format of their bingo client and make some comparisons.

You can also use this as an opportunity to explore their different features and try them for yourselves. You can check if they have a social chat box, where you can talk to other players.

You can note if you are able to choose your own cards and if numbers get marked automatically. You can also see if there are other games that you can enjoy. In the end, it will be your decision whether to play for real or to try other online bingo sites.

There is a Catch, of Course

Online bingo companies cannot just hand over money to hundreds of new players every day. As a beginner just learning the ways of Internet gaming, it plays to be cautious.

Here, the big catch is that you will be unable to get your sign-up bonus and the resulting winnings unless you make a first deposit. So, in reality, if you choose to play for money, a deposit will still be involved.

In most bingo websites, deposits are rewarded with their corresponding bonuses. In any case, you will be unable to do any withdrawal transactions unless you fulfill the wagering requirement of the website.

Wagering requirements mean that you have to bet the total of your deposits and bonuses for a certain number of times first.

In the end, all the practices will still be a win-win situation for both the bingo site and the player: with free play, the website may just convert a player to make a deposit and be a real money player, while the newbie would earn more money through bonuses and winnings.