Mobile Bingo

These days, pretty much everyone has a mobile phone. So it’s a mute point talking about how cool mobile phones are and the many things one can do with them. However, something many people don’t realize about cell phones is how popular bingo is becoming on them. In fact, some think that mobile phone bingo could become the future of the game!

Mobile Bingo Sites on the Go

It’s not hard to figure out why mobile bingo is becoming so popular. After all, what player wouldn’t like having the option to play bingo whenever or wherever they want? This is what has become available ever since mobile phone bingo hit the market. Now people can satisfy their bingo cravings whether they’re in a boardroom meeting, sitting at a bus stop, or laying on the couch.

Besides the fact that you can play bingo at any time or place with a mobile phone, another exciting aspect is how you and your friends can connect at anytime. Mobile phones eliminate the need to meet at a certain time and location to play bingo since you can just link up with a friend and start playing over the phone.

Another thing that’s really exciting about playing bingo on a cell is that more real money games are starting to become available through a mobile phone. Players now have the ability to jump in a real money game and play for a huge jackpot at any point in time.

Just imagine sitting at an airport and winning a jackpot worth several thousand dollars! You no longer have to imagine anymore because this is entirely possible.

mobile bingo sites

The Future of Mobile Bingo Sites

People used to wonder whether or not mobile phones would ever be able to display color. We now laugh at how people thought mobile phones would never be able to display color since they are capable of playing all kinds of multimedia in high definition.

Another thing that is really aiding the future of mobile bingo is the fact that phones are able to link up to the Internet at higher connection speeds. With this being the case, people don’t have to worry quite as much about slow games or – even worse – dropping games right in the middle of play.

One other bright spot in the future of mobile phone bingo is that companies are getting better at making gaming software. With improved software, mobile bingo is becoming an increasingly attractive option for those who are interested in another outlet to play the game they love.

Play Bingo on Your Mobile

You may already be used to online bingo rooms or you could be a complete newcomer to bingo gaming altogether; either way, there’s a multitude of reasons to take the next step and start playing mobile bingo. Here’s the best of them:

You can play anywhere

This is pretty obvious but seeing as most people will always have a mobile on them, it makes it incredibly easy to play at your favourite bingo rooms whilst on the move.

The game of bingo really lends itself to the mobile format and with a mobile in hand, you don’t have to worry about missing out on your usual bingo experience.

The touch screen experience

Once you start playing at bingo rooms on your mobile, you’ll soon be wondering why you ever played anywhere else thanks to the touch screen element.

With the rise to prominence of the touch screen smart phone, it allows bingo players to feel more involved in the games they’re playing and feel more in control. With the slightest flick of your finger you could end up taking down the many jackpots on offer.

Mobile Bingo bonuses

Every mobile bingo site will have a bespoke bonus for you when you sign up to play in their rooms. These bonuses range from matched deposit bonuses to completely free, no deposit necessary, bets that you can use to play with.

In an ever-growing and ever-competitive market, there’s plenty of on-going mobile promotions too for existing users; what more could you ask for!

Win huge jackpots

There are plenty of reasons to play mobile bingo but one of the biggest surely has to be the prizes on offer.

With jackpot payouts on every game you play along with incremental prizes throughout the game, you already find yourself with a great opportunity to become a bingo winner, but for us, the progressive jackpots are where it gets really interesting – part of every penny spent in the respective bingo games go into this progressive jackpot and everyone playing contributes, meaning the level of pay-out can escalate rapidly and you could be in for a huge win.

Online bingo rooms are focusing on mobile development

The mobile gaming boom is coming; look at sports book and how well mobile sites and apps have been developed. Mobile casino is in full swing too and now the gaming companies have their eyes firmly fixed on bingo.

This means, as a mobile bingo player, you are going to be in for a massive treat as product development, usability, graphics, game play and the entertainment you get from a mobile bingo room will just get better and better.

Multi-screen madness!

As consumers we are taking in more and more media via mobile devices and tablets, a trend that’s been growing at a rapid rate. We are also multi-tasking more when it comes to media, with at least two screens on the go normally.

The beauty about bingo on these mobile screens is that it compliments your other activities perfectly; watching your favourite show on TV? There’s no reason why you can’t play bingo on your mobile at the same time. Is your partner watching their favourite TV show? Get away from it with bingo on your mobile.

Safety first

Like any good app or mobile site, mobile bingo rooms have improved dramatically to offer an excellent level of security for personal details and banking activities so you can rest assured that your money is safe.

One of the biggest problems in the past has been whether you can deposit and withdraw directly from your mobile device but now more and more bingo rooms have added this functionality.

A Long Way to Go

While mobile phone bingo is definitely becoming more popular in many parts of the world, it still has a long way to go before catching up to that which is offered by online casinos or through the more traditional bingo halls.

First off, there is a lot of different hardware on the market depending on the cell phone you purchase. With all of the different hardware out there, it’s difficult to guarantee that people will be offered the same standard of game play no matter which phone they use.

Another hurdle mobile phone bingo has to overcome is the fact that many online casinos haven’t made their services available for phones.

Sure you can find real money games offered by other companies, but they don’t have the same size of jackpots as the major online casinos. So anyone who is expecting to find big money games over their mobile phone might be thoroughly disappointed.

And, even though mobile phone networks are always improving, connecting to the Internet is still a big issue. After all, mobile phones are notorious for having weak connections in certain areas, and companies are never willing to guarantee service. So the problem of losing a game right in the middle of a playing session is still a reality.

Cell phone companies don’t design their phones with bingo in mind either so don’t expect the same care with your mobile game as is offered in halls or online casinos.

Still, cell phone bingo has drastically improved over the last few years which definitely bodes well for the future. Who knows maybe mobile bingo will catch up to its online casino counterparts someday.

Boom of Mobile Bingo

Because of the popularity of bingo, many game providers offer this classic card game in different mediums and formats. Before, you can only play just one type of bingo in the bingo hall of your choice.

Now, there’s online bingo, bingo TV, American 75-ball bingo, European 90-ball bingo, even bingo in luxury cruises! The availability of these options can only mean one thing: there is a huge market for bingo games.

Or, rather, this means there are many bingo players today, so the game providers are trying benefit of the existing demand.

Because of the boom in bingo games, game providers developed another way to play bingo. This time, it’s through the one gadget that people consider as indispensible these days: mobile phones.

Today, you can play bingo practically anywhere through mobile bingo. The development of mobile bingo is actually a long time coming. For years, poker players have the benefit of portable poker handhelds that they use for practice.

Mobile bingo works in the same vein—only this time, a player can actually win actual prize money for winning mobile bingo games. In any case, expect mobile bingo to become a hit. Why?

Here are some reasons:

  • Mobile phones have become the most common gadget people own. Many people depend on their mobile phones for communication and even entertainment. They do not leave their house without bringing their mobile units. Just with this factor, it’s easy to see why mobile bingo will become a hit. Players will no longer need a computer or Internet connection.
  • People are always looking for ways to entertain themselves. So, if a bingo player can play his favorite game anywhere without the benefit of an inconvenient laptop, they will take the chance, naturally. Of course, mobile bingo will replace online bingo or traditional bingo. Instead, it will become as an occasional replacement when the usual means are not available.
  • As mentioned earlier, mobile bingo allows players to enjoy the game anywhere. Online bingo can offer this, but mobile bingo takes it further. A mobile phone is so much easier to use compared to a laptop, for one. One can also play the game discreetly. Needless to say, discreetly playing online bingo using a portable computer or even the smallest gadget with a web browser isn’t exactly possible.
  • All these would mean that mobile bingo has the potential to become a breakout hit. Since practically everyone has a mobile phone, gadget restriction is no problem, for one. This is great both for the players and the mobile bingo game providers.

Of course, it cannot be denied that the technology for mobile bingo is still pretty basic, at best. But this doesn’t mean that the service for online bingo is inadequate. It could be improved, and it will be in the near future.

Nonetheless, mobile bingo is something that should boom in the next few years. It will not replace traditional bingo and online bingo; it will become a thing of its own.